Wolfmother blasts Perth into another “Dimension”

Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother rocking out. Photography by Dustin Edwards.

If you ventured out on balmy Thursday night last week to Metro City in Northbridge, you would be mistaken for thinking you had taken a magic carpet ride back to the 70’s.

Fortunately, for the nostalgias amongst us, it was 2017 and Wolfmother had journeyed across the Nullarbor to showcase their brand-new album Victorious on their Australian Gypsy Caravan tour.

The band, led by front man Andrew Stockdale (lead vocals and lead guitar), burst out from behind the curtains like a thief in the night, guitar in hand to raucous applause from the Perth crowd and opened with their current hit single Victorious, which set the tone for the evening.

Next up was a raft of old classics from Wolfmother’s debut album and Cosmic Egg; but it was fan favourite Woman that truly whet the appetite of the packed house at Metro City, with Alex Carapetis (drums), in full swing channelling his inner John Bonham, knocking his symbols over countless times through his energetic and earth shaking drumming.

Stockdale’s vocals could still manage to hit the high notes of yesteryear while Ian Peres (keyboards and bass guitar) was doing his best Jackie Chan impression, kicking his bass up from behind his back after providing the colour and depth on his vintage Korg C-X3 organ; another remnant from the 70’s.

The crowd then got behind Stockdale’s revelation that it was drummer Alex Carapetis’s birthday by singing a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” before the band launched into the heaviest part of the show.

If you have never been to a Wolfmother show, imagine if you will, the love child of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath, with a sprinkle of The Doors thrown in for good measure. Cross that with the raw energy and athleticism of all three band members and you get what could only be described as a psychedelic sexual tsunami for all one’s senses to enjoy.

Towards the end of the show came one of the crowd favourites “Mind’s Eye”. An organ driven grunge ballad which culminated in a psychedelic crescendo with an Ian Peres organ solo whilst Stockdale encouraged the crowd with his endless energy, running from end to end on the stage.

Unfortunately for the crowd, the evening was at an end after set list staples “California Queen’, and “Dimension”, but that didn’t stop them from demanding and chanting “ONE MORE SONG, ONE MORE SONG” until they were blue in the face.

Wolfmother were more than happy to oblige as they ended a massive 17 song set with a blistering performance of their world-wide hit “Joker and the Thief” which left the crowd breathless and ready for the band’s next journey to Perth.



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